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Oslo C++ Users Group -

Oslo C++ Users Group ( is a group of enthusiasts that meet a couple of times a year to discuss and broaden our knowledge of this extremely powerful programming language and related technologies. In particular we will focus on C++0x, Boost, and advanced features of the C++ language.

If you have a solid background in C++, and if you are willing to share your knowledge and learn from others, then please sign up. You will be a valuable member of our meetup group.

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Previous Meetings

October 2011 - C++ Pub Quiz. Friday, October 14, 1800-2000 at The Scotsman, second floor. 30 people showed up for a pub quiz on C++ hosted by Olve Maudal. The beer was sponsored by Programutvikling. We had loads of fun. After the formal part of the meetup about half of us stayed behind to celebrate C++11 and continue deep discussions on C++. Here are the slides from the pub quiz.

March 2011 - C++ for Marine Streamer Positioning and Navigation . Tuesday, March 15, 1800-2000, at The Scotsman, third floor. Mike Long gave a talk about how he uses C++ in resource constrained devices in marine navigation and positioning embedded devices. 12 people showed up, some of us arrived early and had a pizza before the talk started. After the talk we assembled down in the pub for an additional hour or two of C++ discussions.

May 2010 - Solid C++ by Example. Monday May 10, 1800-2030 at Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel. About 30 people participated in a mass code review hosted by Olve Maudal. The idea was to improve some existing code by also "sweating the small stuff" (link), we were trying to write some Solid C++. After the meeting some of us enjoyed beer, free pizza and good discussions with programmers from other geek communities in the Communities in Action 2010 event.

December 2009 - Dead Hard C++. Tuesday December 1, 1830-2030 at Mandarin House. Kevlin Henney and Jon Jagger did a session on Dead Hard C++. 18 people turned up to learn more about some of the dark corners of C++. After the meeting most of us moved down to Bilabong for further discussions.

November 2009 - Design of C++0x. Saturday November 7, 1200-1730 at TANDBERG. This was a mini-conference on C++, with Bjarne Stroustrup doing all the sessions. He first talked about the Design of C++, then we had a long QA session. After the break he presented some ideas around concurrency and list initialization. Here are the slides. We finished of the day with a glass of beer/wine and some deep discussions about the current and future state of C++.

August 2009 - C++ and STL. Tuesday August 25, 1800-2030 at Mandarin House. Jon Jagger did some live coding and demonstrated some interesting traits of C++ and STL. Ten people turned up for this meeting (Ismail, Jarl, Thomas, James, Olve, Atgeirr, Jon, Lars Gullik, Christian and Kim). The actual presentation did not start until 1830, but many of us arrived early for socializing and something to eat. After the meeting, most of us moved down to Bilabong for more beer and C++ discussions.

February 2009 - Patterns. Tuesday February 10th, 1830-2030 at Mandarin House. James Perrett discussed why the Singleton and Observer patterns can be problematic and we looked into possible alterative solutions in C++. Eleven people turned up for this meeting (James, Arjan, Jon Terje, Lars Gullik, Jon, Syver, Mike, Manuela, Olve, Terje and Sule). The formal part of the meeting ended at 2030, then all of us went down to Bilabong for more beer and C++ discussions.

November 2008 - Idioms. Tuesday November 25th, 1830-2030, at The Scotsman, third floor. Olve Maudal presented a few C++ Idioms by example (pdf). We analysed a piece of code that is completely legal C++ while braking many typical C++ idioms and conventions. Together we worked on the code, improving it step by step until we could not come up with more things to change. Ten people attended this session (Manuela, Karianne, Thomas, Kim, Magne, Eivind, Hani, Stein Erik, Patricia, Olve). Some of us turned up early for a beer and a pizza.

May 2008 - Multi-Threading. Saturday 31. May, we met at Zaika - the best indian restaurant in Oslo. Dietmar Kuehl gave a talk about "Practical Multi-Threading in C++"(pdf). Saturday and fantastic weather, but still twelve C++ experts turned up for this meeting (Denis, Ismail, Igor, Olve, Thomas, Sigurd, Samuel, Patricia, Karianne, James, Alf and Dietmar). During the talk we had papadums and Kingfishers, followed by delicious indian food after the Q&A session. Some of us finished the evening with a trip to Lektern at Aker Brygge.

April 2008 - Testable C++. Tuesday 22. April, Michael Feathers gave a talk about writing "Testable C++" (pdf) at Lille Auditorium/IFI. This time 24 people showed up (Nicolai, Nils, Kristian, Christian, Thor-Inge, James, Magne, Samuel, Frans, Denis, Stein Erik, Einar Otto, Arjan, Patricia, Edvard, Espen, Christian, Terje, Alf, Syver, Fredrik, Igor, Olve and Michael). We did manage to get some interaction and good discussions going during the talk. After the presentation finished at 2100 about half of us went down to Bilabong for more discussions and beer.

December 2007 - Boost. On Tuesday 18. December we crammed together in the cellar of Bilabong to hear Kevlin Henney present a "Personal Perspective of Boost" (pdf). Eighteen people showed up for this meeting (Ismail, Johannes, Thomas, Stein Erik, Totto, Johan, David, Syver, Alf, Lars Gullik, Igor, Trygve, James, Samuel, Frans, Terje, Olve and Kevlin). The meeting ended 2100 sharp, but a lot of us stayed behind to discuss more about programming in general and C++ in particular. Excellent food and the beer was cold.

September 2007 - C++0x. We had our first meeting on Monday 24. September at The Scotsman, third floor. Twelve very knowledgable men showed up for this meeting (Fredrik, Christian, Igor, Terje, Alf, Johan, Sergey, Samuel, Syver, Frans, Einar Otto and Olve). The topic was C++0x. Olve Maudal opened the meeting by giving a "Quick and dirty introduction to C++0x" (pdf, html), followed by Einar Otto Stangvik who talked about "Threading in C++0x" (pdf), and finally Terje Slettebø gave a talk about "Concepts in C++0x" (pdf). The meeting started at 1900, we finished the formal part of the meeting around 2130. Then we went downstairs to have some pizza, more beer and lots of good discussions.